Saturday, April 19, 2014

Brandon's Trusted Affiliates

Brandon's Suggested Affiliates

Please Patronize My "Partners"

As a "services-only" provider, I do not provide any inventory for anyone.  Primarily, this is because I do not handle a large enough volume to make that an intelligent advances too quickly for me keep the most up-to-date items on hand.  Also, if I sold products, I would have to handle Baldwin County "Sales and Use" tax, etc.  I do this for fun (and to make a little "mad" money)...I'm not looking toward building a business that requires me to keep all kinds of crazy records and pay tons of fees and taxes.

When I started remodeling my website to allow me to offer help and support to friends and family, I posted information regarding some of the most commonly asked questions (anti-virus, backup, accessories), and posted links to my favorite free software.  I then learned about "affiliate" links.  Basically, I have to submit my site and "business" to various companies and they evaluate my ability to refer potential clients to them.  So, I started by finding out if any of the companies that I was already referring offered affiliate programs.  I applied and was accepted by most of them.  Now, when you click a link on my site, I am given "credit" for referring you to the site.  If you make a purchase, I am given a "commission".  Sometimes it is a set fee, sometimes it is a percentage, but it is seldom very much. 

My "Trusted Affiliates" above are the affiliates that I purchase my own software/equipment from, and I am an affiliate with them BECAUSE I TRUST THEM as the best option for me.  My "Suggested Affiliates" are companies that I have some knowledge of, or know someone that routinely purchases from them, and I became an affiliate for those reasons.