Wednesday, February 10, 2016

PayPal Payments



Payment Remittance

Payment Address:
Brandon Spivey
10280 Vernant Park Road
Foley, AL  36535


Also, please note the PayPal "Pay Now" button on this page.  You may make a payment online with your credit or debit card securely.  You will have to manually enter the payment amount.  Also, make sure to note your name and invoice number (if any) on your payment so that I can match it with your account.

On occasion, I also accept coconut creme pie or homemade New Orleans-style gumbo in lieu of payment, but these arrangements must be made prior to any such payment method being proffered. 

Payment Terms, Billing Information, and the 15-Day Guarantee

For any work done on-site or at my home, payment is expected upon completion of the services or at the time your computer is picked up. For remote work, payment is expected upon completion of the service via PayPal.  I will always try to give fair and accurate quotes and stay within the agreed upon prices. However, quotes and estimates are given based on a variety of variables, and as such, completed work may exceed a quote or estimate by up to 10%.  I will always make contact with you if the repair will exceed the quote or estimate by more than 10%.

Once the computer has left my possession, I guarantee my work for 15 days*.  If a recurrence of the original problem should happen, I will fix it and there will be no labor charge.  However, just because I work on a computer once, that does not mean that I warranty all parts on that computer in perpetuity.  I do this in my spare time and for fun...I do not have a stock room and have no time to handle RMA's with vendors.  If you require that level of service (and the corresponding pricing structure), please see the local yellow pages under "Computer Repair" for a shop that is open during business hours and has a staff in place to handle those needs.

In the rare cases where one of my clients "hurries" a fix or requests to pick the computer up before all problems have been resolved, my 15 day guarantee will not apply.  And, in all honesty, if I am hurried for a fix, that will be the last time that I work for that client. 

*All client computers MUST have adequate antivirus and security software on them, and that software must be capable of REAL-TIME scanning.  In the case of MalwareBytes, this means that the user must have the fully-licensed (ie paid-for version) on their computer for the 15 day guarantee to apply.